Welcome to the Semi-Interactive Console Live Simulation page. The simulation shown below features a patented semi-interactive ultrasound machine console that is currently featured in the Sonography Principles and Instrumentation (SPI) examination. Click here to read the press release.


Use your mouse to select the control on the simulated console shown below. Click here to follow the semi-interactive console instructions manual as you navigate the console shown below (the manual will open in a new window). You can review the semi-interactive console tutorial at any time. For the purpose of this learning simulation, the semi-interactive console shown below displays all controls in the “Selectable” and “On” state (M-Mode and Tools primary controls are not selectable). In addition, the console below displays multiple adverse conditions within the static ultrasound images to allow the user to interact with the available controls and settings. The semi-interactive console questions on the live exam will display the controls in pre-determined states. Not all controls will display as “Selectable” and “On”.

Please note that you cannot bring the glossary of terms document or the semi-interactive console manual with you to the testing center. You will have an opportunity to review the semi-interactive console tutorial video at the testing center (without audio) before starting the exam.

Semi-Interactive Console

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