How Ultrasound Changed My Life

​​​By: Barbara Hunt, RDMS

​The year was 1992. That is when my life changed.

It began as an ordinary day at work when I was assigned to scan a patient who came to the hospital very ill. The patient was a child, approaching four years old, who had been admitted several times at different hospitals with no diagnosis. The moment I started the ultrasound exam, there it was! I could see the problem. The condition in which I helped identify and was confirmed by the radiologist was an intestinal malrotation and volvulus.

Finally, I helped contribute to the diagnosis that saved this child from further medical issues. It was then that I decided to work in Pediatric Ultrasound.

Working in a specialty area of ultrasound can be both extraordinary and difficult, yet also gratifying in many ways. One has to ask, “What is it that you want to achieve in this health field?”

There are many more options and opportunities in the ultrasound profession than there were several years ago. Becoming a sonographer helps make you think methodically and logically so that a diagnosis can be made. This is a very interesting health field that has many avenues to explore.

Working with some of the most talented and caring people can change the way you think and look at life in general. It opens you up to getting engaged and involved, which is a very intricate part of society. Engaging in conversation with people, especially your patients who are vulnerable, builds a sense of trust and connection.

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