Content Contributor

We work hard to keep our almost 90,000 Registrants around the world informed about the most current advances and trends in the field of Sonography. If you are an ARDMS Registrant who enjoys writing or curating and sharing valuable information, our communications team can use your help as a Content Contributor. 

In this role, you can select a topic(s) from those listed on our quarterly Editorial Calendar that will be emailed to you. Then, you can choose one or more channels through which to share information, news and topics of interest to the ultrasound community. We also welcome your suggestions for future themes and topics to add to the Editorial Calendar.

 Ways you can contribute

​    • Write articles for an ARDMS newsletters: Ultrasound SmartBrief, Registry Reports, or Notes for
     • Write blog posts for the ARDMS website.
     • Write posts for the official ARDMS social media pages (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter).
     • Share links to information and news.

Unfortunately, we can’t promise that every piece you contribute will be published. For those that are, we will send you the link to share with colleagues, friends and family.

 What you can expect as an ARDMS Content Contributor

​     • Online training in these areas:
               - Orientation to ARDMS
               - Guidelines for writing articles 
               - Guidelines for writing blog posts for the ARDMS website
               - Guidelines for social media updates
               - Guidelines for finding and sharing links
     • A monthly email connecting you to the most current ARDMS Editorial Calendar 
     • Your byline accompanying any article or blog post you write
     • Recognition as an ARDMS Volunteer
     • The possibility of having your writing consumed by sonography professionals around the world
     • Support and feedback throughout your volunteer experience

 What we expect from our Content Contributors

​     • Completion of Content Contributor online training in the channel(s) of communication in which
        you choose to contribute
     • A signed release agreement to publish your work
     • Maintenance of active ARDMS Registry
     • Proficiency in Microsoft Word and familiarity with social media platforms if writing for those
     • Understanding that the piece you submit will be reviewed and edited solely by ARDMS staff
     • Signed non-disclosure and photo-release agreements