Item Writer

ARDMS examination questions — we call them items — are the foundation of our organization. Since 1975, volunteers have played a vital role in writing them.

The importance of high-quality, relevant items cannot be stressed enough. They ensure that ARDMS examinations evaluate candidates accurately and fairly on the most current and relevant standards in sonography, thereby maintaining the integrity and credibility of our Registrants’ certification. 

In general, we require our writers to be ARDMS Registrants in good standing and holding the ARDMS credential in the specialty in which they are writing. Selected volunteer Item Writers are invited to participate in writing projects for which they are qualified.

As an Item Writer, you will need a computer, reference materials and the patience it takes to write well-crafted items of high quality. No previous writing experience is necessary as you will be trained and provided with an online Mentor who will guide you through your first writing project.

 What you can expect as an ARDMS Item Writer

     • Online training in these areas:
               o Overview of ARDMS
               o The life cycle of an item
               o The art of writing an item
               o Using EPIC, the online submission software
     • The waiving of some CMEs as determined by the Testing Department
     • Recognition as an ARDMS Volunteer
     • Pride in knowing that you play a key role in ensuring that sonography professionals around the
       world can demonstrate their skills and knowledge and continue to provide quality patient care.
     • Support and feedback throughout your volunteer experience from an online Mentor and from
        your ARDMS Staff Liaison.

 What we expect from our Item Writers

     • Completion of Item Writer online training plus a live webinar
     • Signed ARDMS Volunteer and Confidentiality Agreement
     • A computer with Internet Explorer 11 or Safari 7 (Don’t worry if you don’t. We can help you install
       one of those browsers on your computer.)
     • Comfort working on computers with limited technical support
     • Well-thought-out, fair and relevant examination items
     • In general, submission of 15 items in 6-8 weeks.