Mentor to Item Writers

We invite you to be a Mentor to Item Writers if you have attended an Item Development Workshop (IDW), have previous experience writing items (examination questions) for ARDMS, are willing to provide guidance in a constructive manner, and are passionate about having a significant impact on the future of sonography credentialing. 

Remember how your items improved after receiving feedback from more seasoned writers? Now you can pay it forward by mentoring during the writing process, before reviewing even begins. Your mentoring significantly improves the entire examination development process, as high quality items move into our item bank more quickly. With a large inventory of ready-to-use items available, we are able to refresh examination content frequently, ensuring the relevance, integrity and credibility of our Registrants’ credentials.

 What you can expect as an ARDMS Mentor to Item Writers

​     • Online training in these areas: 
               - Orientation to ARDMS

               - The life cycle of an item
               - The art of writing an item
               - Mentoring skills and tips
               - Communicating via EPIC, the online submission software
     • Recognition as an ARDMS Volunteer
     • Pride in knowing that you play a key role in ensuring that sonography professionals around the
        world can demonstrate their skills and knowledge and continue to provide quality patient care
     • Support and feedback throughout your volunteer experience

 What we expect from our Mentors to Item Writers

     • Prerequisites
               - Item Writing training, including a live webinar
               - Have written items for an ARDMS examination
               - Have participated in an ARDMS Item Development Workshop (IDW)
     • Completion of Mentor to Item Writers online training, plus participation in a live webinar 
     • Commitment to mentor at least five new Item Writers through one item-writing project, typically
        lasting one to three months
     • Signed Volunteer and Confidentiality Agreement
     • Access to a computer with Internet Explorer 11 or Safari 7 (Don’t worry if you don’t. We can help
        you install one of those browsers on your computer.)
     • Comfort working on a computer with minimal support
     • Providing timely and constructive feedback to new Item Writers