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​​​​Volunteering with ARDMS is a tangible way to promote quality patient care, guide the next wave of sonographers, grow in your career, and give back to a profession you love. Volunteering provides you with the opportunity to engage with colleagues from around the globe who share your passion for the use of diagnostic medical ultrasound. 

ARDMS is proud of the long-standing collaboration we have had with our volunteers. Together, we continue to be innovative leaders in the field of medical ultrasound and to administer credentials that are recognized and highly regarded throughout the world. We invite you to become part of this prestigious team by volunteering now!

A variety of volunteer opportunities allows you to choose the one that best suits your interests, skills, and available time:

     • Develop Exams

        Have a direct impact on the competencies needed to become credentialed. Write questions and
        submit images and videos. Become eligible to review questions, create assessment forms, and set
        the passing standards. Working on exam development is the first step toward moving into
        governance positions within our organizational structure. 

      Communicate about ARDMS

        Let your voice be heard by colleagues throughout the profession. Engage visitors at our exhibit
        booth at conferences and promote ARDMS in presentations. Write blog posts for our website.

      Guide Students

        Provide online review of resumes posted by sonography students and recent grads to help them
        land their first job in the field. Offer students the opportunity to shadow you at work so they may
        develop realistic expectations of "a day in the life of a sonographer."

If you hold an active ARDMS credential, please log into your MY ARDMS account and click the Volunteer Now tab to learn more and sign up!

If you are a physician, consider volunteering with our companion organization, the Alliance for Physician Credentialing and Advancement (APCA).

Send your questions and comments to Toby Rabbin, Volunteer & Academic Engagement Program Manager, at volunteer@ardms.org.