Volunteers By the Numbers

​​​We are celebrating another great year of volunteering at ARDMS! ​

Our gratitude and thanks goes to the 540 volunteers who played a role in writing questions and ensuring that our examinations reflect current practice, mentoring new volunteers, providing information about ARDMS to colleagues at regional meetings and national conferences, talking with Sonography students about the value of our credentials, and governing our organization of 89,000+ Registrants with vision and commitment.  ​

Thinking about volunteering? We invite you to read about what opportunities are available and to apply online.  Log into MY ARDMS, click Volunteer Now, create your profile, and explore. Please email your questions to volunteer@ARDMS.org.


New volunteer portal, accessed via the Volunteer Now tab in MY ARDMS, making it easy to learn about and apply for volunteer opportunities. Check it out!


In-person training workshops, held in Chicago and Fort Lauderdale, at which volunteers became familiar with the basics of examination development, learned how to write high-quality examination questions (we call them items) that test knowledge (not just good test-taking skills), and practiced entering items into an online software program.


Typical number of items written by a volunteer in one year. We welcome Registrants with a variety of experience, from those who recently earned their credentials to those who have been in the field for decades.  ​


Live weekly online Item-Writing training webinars that accommodated volunteers schedules and allowed them to begin writing items immediately from anywhere they have a computer. In 2017, item-writing training will be offered on demand, providing even more flexibility for our new volunteers!


Registrants who applied for a volunteer opportunity on the new volunteer portal (accessed from MY ARDMS) after it launched on July 1, 2016.


Volunteer subject-matter experts who wrote items in their areas of specialty. 


Total number of items written across all 10 ARDMS examinations. The most items were written for the Sonography Principles and Instrumentation (SPI) examination.​


Approximate volunteer hours spent on all activities, including test development, governance, and ambassador presentations.