ARDMS Ambassadors Reach Out in 2015

​At ARDMS, we have always known that our Registrants are passionate about their profession, their patients, and the value of their ARDMS credentials. So, this past spring, we introduced an ARDMS Ambassador volunteer program for Registrants to channel that energy in ways that support our shared mission and create visibility within their professional communities.  We work with our Ambassadors to make sure they feel confident and prepared for their audience and their specific situation. 

Let’s look at what our first ARDMS Ambassadors have been up to in 2015:

June Jen Acevedo_ASE Booth.jpg
In between sessions, our first official ARDMS Ambassador, Jen Acevedo, helped out at the ARDMS exhibit booth at the American Society of Echocardiography (ASE) annual meeting in Boston. With unbridled enthusiasm, she extolled the importance of earning an ARDMS credential and invited Registrants to join her in writing questions for examinations in their specialties. Our staff really enjoyed watching Jen in action!

Jen Acevedo expanded her ambassadorial repertoire at the Chicago Fetal Cardiac Symposium in Chicago. While networking with participants, she encouraged those lacking their credentials to earn them and to volunteer with ARDMS. We provided Jen with information and fun giveaways for the meeting.

The Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (SDMS) annual conference in Dallas put three of our Ambassadors Sharlette Anderson, Sara Baker, and Kim Sorrentino in the spotlight. These accomplished sonographers and long-time ARDMS examination-development volunteers engaged the audience of 100 guests at the ARDMS-hosted luncheon with colorful and heartfelt presentations about their professional and volunteer journeys. The connections they made were invaluable, and many of the guests expressed interest afterwards in getting involved with ARDMS.  The ambassadors’ enthusiasm and genuineness made the event memorable!
Sharlette Anderson_SDMS Volunteer luncheon.JPG      Sara Baker_SDMS Volunteer Luncheon.JPGKimberly Sorrentino_SDMS Volunteer Luncheon.JPG

Dr. Janak Goyal, a volunteer leader in our MSK examination-development group, was invited to present at MUSoc in New Delhi, India. Knowing that we are expanding our mission of quality healthcare globally, Dr. Goyal graciously offered to include in his presentation information about the importance of earning a credential. We created explanatory slides for him, and we were delighted to hear that his remarks were timely and well-received. The international outreach is greatly appreciated!

As the founding organizer and one of this year’s presenters at a regional vascular ultrasound meeting in collaboration with the Society of Vascular Ultrasound (SVU) near Cincinnati, OH (the birthplace of ARDMS), examination-development volunteer Vicki Gatz updated attendees on what is happening at ARDMS.  We created a short PowerPoint presentation for her that included the latest information about examinations, volunteering, and organizational structure. With so many new initiatives, we are grateful for Vicki helping get the word out!

Cathy Evans attended the meeting of the Greater Baltimore Echo Society. As our newly-appointed volunteer lead for the ARDMS Item Writing and Mentoring Working Group for the Pediatric Echocardiography (PE) examination, Cathy thought the meeting would provide a perfect opportunity to encourage colleagues to join her in developing the PE examination. She was allotted only a few minutes to speak, and we wrote a Fact Sheet in the form of questions and answers so the information could be presented quickly and clearly. Those few minutes introduced the audience to the idea that volunteering with ARDMS is possible, and several people expressed interest in learning more. Thank you, Cathy!

Brand-new volunteer, Rebecca Carey, was invited to speak to a class of second-year sonography students at EPCI University in Richmond, Va.  Excited and honored, she contacted us for student-oriented information about ARDMS to include in her presentation titled, “In the Day of a Sonographer.” The students loved her presentation, and they’ve already invited her back.  We thank Rebecca for introducing ARDMS to our future Registrants!

We thank all our Ambassadors for their spirit in helping promote our mission. If you’d like to share your passion about the value of your ARDMS credential(s) and the importance of lifelong learning and giving back, become an ARDMS Ambassador.  Grow with ARDMS!