Volunteer Engagement: Growing!

​The ARDMS Volunteer Engagement Program experienced many firsts during 2015 and new offerings continue this year.

Highlights of 2015

     • Volunteer Now  launched!
      On March 18, 2015, www.ARDMS.org began hosting the Volunteer Now site, providing descriptions of 
      opportunities and news about volunteering with ARDMS.  In its first year, more than 800 Registrants
      applied for volunteer roles such as helping to develop our certification examinations and promoting
      ARDMS at national conferences and regional meetings.

     • New volunteer opportunities were introduced!
Mentor to Item Writers
             Learning to write questions (we call them items) for ARDMS certification examinations can be
             challenging.  So now, after new writers participate in a one-hour live webinar training, each one is
             paired with a seasoned writer (a Mentor) who provides coaching online for at least three months.  Not
             only do new writers say they feel more competent and find the experience enriching, but also they
             submit items of high quality, enabling the rest of the examination-development process to be more
             efficient.  Win-Win!

          ARDMS Ambassador
            Registrants have been radiating pride and enthusiasm at exhibit booths at conferences as they talk
            about the value of their certifications and the benefits of volunteering with ARDMS.  In addition,
            several Ambassadors have presented short updates about ARDMS at regional and international
            specialty meetings.  Our Registrants tell our story more convincingly than anyone!

Coming in 2016

Link to Volunteer Now on MY ARDMS!
        Later this spring, a Volunteer Now tab on your MY ARDMS homepage will take you to a new volunteer
        portal where you will read about all the ways in which you can volunteer and apply easily and quickly
        with a single click.

     • More new volunteer positions!
Image and Video Submitter
           Start gathering your awesome images and videos. Soon you will be able to share them easily with
           ARDMS for use on our examinations.

          Career Guide
            Volunteers will provide feedback and suggestions online to students who have uploaded their resumes
            for review. Also, volunteers will offer job-shadowing opportunities to help students meet their
            educational requirements.