How Well Do You Know ARDMS?

Try answering the questions before reading the answers below. You might be surprised!

1. Approximately how many ARDMS Registrants are there currently worldwide?

        a.   33,000
        b.   65,000
        c.   87,000
        d. 129,000

2. ARDMS administered its first non-English examination in September 2014. In which language was the
    examination written?

        a. Mandarin
        b. Portuguese
        c. Spanish
        d. French

3. To maintain the validity of our examinations and the integrity of your credentials, we frequently
    refresh examination items (questions). Approximately how many items do we currently have available
    for review and use on future examinations?

        a.   3,000
        b. 13,000
        c. 23,000
        d. 33,000

4. Of the items we have in our items bank, what percentage was written by volunteers?

        a.   25%
        b.   50%
        c.   75%
        d. 100%

5. How many people are employed by ARDMS?

        a.   52
        b. 104
        c. 156
        d. 208


1. Approximately 87,000 people currently hold ARDMS credentials, with the largest numbers of Registrants living in California and Florida.

2. More than 90 people in China took the Physician in Vascular Interpretation (PVI) examination in Mandarin in September 2014. If you speak and write Mandarin fluently, we could use your help writing and reviewing items for this new examination.  Please let us know!

3. We have 13,000 items available for review and use on future examinations.  That might seem like a lot, but over the next few years we’ll need five times as many items to ensure that our examinations meet global demands and stay current with advances in technology. Volunteers are working with our Testing and Innovation departments now to get ready!

4.  Volunteer Subject Matter Experts just like you write and review 100% of the items that have been on ARDMS examinations. Please consider becoming an Item Writer and help preserve the integrity of your credentials while setting the bar for the next wave of sonographers. 

5. The ARDMS staff is comprised of 52 employees. If you overestimated, you’re not alone. Many people think our staff is much larger. In fact, we have always been a small, friendly group that has worked collaboratively with dedicated volunteers since we began in 1975.  We couldn’t do it all without you!

That’s it for this round.

More fun facts coming soon!