In Your Own Words

An Interview with Scott Simicich, RDCS

Scott Simicich is the Manager of Non-Invasive Cardiology Services at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle. He has been volunteering at ARDMS for approximately 15 years and was recently elected to serve on the ARDMS Board of Directors.

ARDMS: Scott, thank you for agreeing to tell your story In Your Own Words. You’ve been volunteering with ARDMS for a long-time, and you were recently elected to serve on our Board of Directors. Tell us about your volunteer experience with our organization.

Scott Simicich: My first volunteer experience with ARDMS was pretty early in my career as a sonographer in the late 1990s. I participated in an Item Development Workshop in Philadelphia. I remember bringing a bunch of cases on video tape and writing questions as a group. It’s a much more developed process today, but I remember thinking how cool it was to be able to contribute in a meaningful way. I attended a few other Item Development Workshops over the next several years and then officially joined the Adult Echocardiography Examination Development Task Force (EDTF) in 2009. The EDTF is a team of four elected people (two sonographers and two cardiologists) who are responsible for the clinical content of the exam. In 2014, I was fortunate enough to be elected to the ARDMS Board of Directors. That is my current role with the organization.

ARDMS: What prompted you to volunteer with ARDMS?

Scott: I was fortunate to work with other sonographers who were involved with ARDMS at the time. One of my mentors, Carol Kraft, graciously invited me to participate in my first Item Development Workshop.

ARDMS: In addition to recognizing that your volunteer efforts in exam development and in governance helps ARDMS achieve its mission (promoting quality care and patient safety through the certification and continuing competency of ultrasound professionals), can you identify additional benefits to volunteering with us?

Scott: Of course. On a personal level, I’ve met some amazing sonographers and physicians. It’s been a very humbling experience. It’s also provided a great professional network that has been professionally stimulating and supportive. Additionally, it’s afforded me the opportunity to offer other sonographers the same opportunity offered to me many years ago. That has also been rewarding for me.

ARDMS: You mentioned the value of a professional network. We hope our new Volunteer Engagement Program will facilitate connections among Ultrasound Professionals both online and in person. How did you decide to become a sonographer, what are your specialties and what is your professional role today?

Scott: I took a career-exploration class during my sophomore year in college. Punched some personal information into a software program, and it told me I might like the field of Sonography! So, I started doing research and talking to sonographers. It was appealing to be able to go to college, learn a specific set of skills and have a clear profession to pursue. I received my Adult Echocardiography credential (RDCS) in 1996 and my Pediatric Echocardiography credential in 1997. Over the past 10 years, I’ve transitioned from a clinical role to an administrative role. I’ve been fortunate in my career, but I do miss the daily clinical challenges of being a practicing sonographer.

ARDMS: What do you love about being a sonographer?

Scott: I have always appreciated the clinical challenge and the autonomy that sonographers have. And, I appreciate being able to identify with and be part of an exciting profession.

ARDMS: As much as you obviously love what you do, and you are a super volunteer with ARDMS, I know there’s more to your life than that. What would you like us to know about your world outside of sonography?

Scott:  Interestingly, my wife, Adriana, is also a sonographer. Maybe our daughter is a future sonographer? She seems to think she’s going to be a cowgirl though! Away from work, I enjoy spending time with my family at our beach cabin in northwest Washington. Going crabbing with my daughter is my favorite thing to do in the summer.

ARDMS: It’s been great talking with you, Scott. It’s an exciting time for ARDMS and for those involved in the field of Sonography. Thank you for continuing to play such an active role in the work and governance of our organization. I hope our Registrants and other volunteers will get a chance to connect with you at volunteer activities and ultrasound conferences throughout the year.