Registered in Musculoskeletal™ (RMSK™) Sonography Credential and MSK Exam Information

ARDMS Announces Application Registration for the RMSK Physician Examination and Plans for New MSK Sonographer Credential - Click here to read the full announcement.

For more information on how the new sonographer examination will impact current RMSK sonography Registrants, visit the Q&A at

The Registered in Musculoskeletal™ (RMSK™) sonography credential validates the physician-level expertise fundamental to musculoskeletal ultrasound practice and provides recognition of the skills and knowledge required in making reliable diagnoses and performing invasive procedures in musculoskeletal-related conditions. By earning the RMSK sonography credential, physicians gain a critical edge in promoting themselves as preeminent practitioners in musculoskeletal sonography.

To be eligible for a RMSK credential and earn your certification, you must first meet specific educational and professional experience requirements. You must then pass the Musculoskeletal (MSK) sonography examination, which is four hours long and contains 200 questions.

Applications for the Spring Administration are now open through March 24, 2015. The examination administration is from April 21 - May 21, 2015. Apply today via MYARDMS

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