Score Reports & Examination Verification

Score Reports & Verification Information

Candidates now have the ability to view their examination status results through the secure MY ARDMS page. Examination results will be posted 10 business days after the examination schedule date. The status of your examination is only limited to the following:

  • Passed*
  • Failed
  • Cancelled – Candidate cancelled scheduled examination appointment time.
  • Absent - Absent - Candidate who arrived late for a scheduled appointment, did not show up for a scheduled appointment or was denied at check-in due to a violation of a stated ARDMS policy.
  • Expired – Candidate did not schedule or take the examination within the assigned eligibility period.

*Passed status is not indicative of earning the specialty/credential and may not be used for status verification.

To obtain a status verification letter, select the “Letters” tab from the MY ARDMS menu bar.

Candidates receiving a confirmed passing score will be awarded a certificate in the applied specialty effective the date the examination was taken. For information on the ARDMS' scoring methods, please click here.

Candidates who do not pass, are invited to re-apply. Visit for more information.

Scores Earned from 2000 to Present:

Please contact PearsonVUE (the ARDMS test administration company) for duplicate score report(s) at 877-258-9220.  Please be sure to have your ARDMS Candidate ID available when calling.  Please note, duplicate score reports will only be sent via email.

Scores Earned Prior to 2000:

For examinations taken prior to 2000, score reports can be processed for a $25 fee per report (USD, payable by check, money order or credit card). Please complete the Score Report Form in its entirety, and print or type all information. Please allow 10 business days for the report to be sent via regular mail.  Score Report Forms will be returned if incomplete, unsigned, or unpaid.

Examination Score Verification

ARDMS does NOT hand score exams. We can process a score verification for a $35 fee (USD), payable by check, money order or credit card. Score verification ensures that the computer counted the correct and incorrect answers appropriately, but it does not review the questions and answers. You must complete the Exam Score Verification Form in its entirety within 30 days of having taken the exam in question. The Exam Score Verification Form will be returned if incomplete, unsigned, or unpaid. When deciding whether to have your score verified, please consider that ARDMS examinations are scored electronically with a high degree of accuracy, and it is unlikely that verification will alter your original score.