Notes for Educators Summer 2009

Important Information for Educators:

Effective September 1, 2009, ARDMS will no longer accept Social Security Numbers as an identifier when requesting a school report.

Program directors, in order to receive a school report, you must fill out and submit a Request for School Report Form

*Please note: School reports may only be processed for the current year and/or 3 years prior.

The Request for School Report Form MUST:

• Be sent via e-mail to
• Start on the first available line (line 23)
• List formal names only
• Have the date of birth stated numerically, MM/DD/YYYY
• Have at least one (NOT ALL) of the following identifiers for each student listed: an ARDMS ID number OR the date of birth

The Request for School Report Form MUST NOT:

• Be sent via fax or regular mail
• Include nicknames
• Have the month written out in the date of birth

Please send your completed Request for School Report Form to

Oregon Close to Require Licensure of Sonographers

Oregon has become the second state to sign a sonographer licensure bill into law...

Click here to read more about the Oregon Licensure

On July 28, 2009, Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski signed the HB 2245 sonographer licensure bill.  The law renames and restructures the Oregon Board of Radiologic Technologists to the Oregon Board of Medical Imaging (OBMI) and ensures representation of sonographers on the Board. The sonographer licensure law requires Oregon sonographers to become licensed by OBMI effective July 1, 2010. Beginning on January 1, 2014, all sonography licensees would be required to hold a national sonography certification/credential (or be currently enrolled as a student).

ARDMS is expected to be an accepted credentialing organization that will fulfill the state requirement.  With the dates already set in place, additional administrative rules/regulations will be developed over the next year.

The ARDMS Legislative and External Affairs Committee will continue to monitor the developments of the Oregon law and provide updates via the ARDMS website ( and in future editions of Registry Reports and NewsWire.

Additional Online Resources Regarding the Oregon Sonographer Licensure Act:

HB 2245 Sonographer Licensure Bill (Oregon Government website)
Oregon Governor Signs Sonographer Licensure Legislation (SDMS Website)

Recently, New Mexico became the first state to require licensure for Sonographers, below you will find some additional resources relating to the New Mexico bill.

Additional Online Resources Regarding the New Mexico Sonographer Licensure Act:
New Mexico Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Health and Safety Act (New Mexico Legislature Website)   
New Mexico Sonographer Licensure Law Signed (SDMS Website) (please scroll down to view the article)

Frequently Asked Questions: New Mexico Sonographer Licensure Law (SDMS Website)

What are your Thoughts on Licensure Programs for Sonographers?

ARDMS welcomes comments from Registrants and the sonography community about licensure programs for Sonographers. Please send an e-mail to and indicate “Licensure” in the subject line.



Spotlight on a Sonographer: Stella Ho, PhD, PDDR, RDMS, RVT

Stella Ho has been instrumental in arranging for and administering ARDMS testing in Hong Kong, China...

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StellaIt is always difficult selecting a sonographer out of the talented, devoted, and passionate groups of ARDMS Registrants. Notes for Educators would like to recognize Stella Ho, PhD, PDDR, RDMS, RVT, who has been instrumental in arranging for and administering ARDMS testing in Hong Kong, China.   

Stella entered the profession of radiography in 1983 after graduated from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (HKPU) as a diagnostic radiographer. In the early eighties, sonography was a new diagnostic imaging tool in Hong Kong and ultrasound examinations were predominantly performed by radiologists.  As there were no sonographers at that time, radiographers had limited roles in the ultrasound rooms.  Their main responsibilities were to receive and take care of the patients for ultrasound examinations, annotate the sonograms, file the films and discharge the patients.  The talents of radiographers remained untapped. 

In 1984, Stella was privileged to work under an ultrasound expert, Professor Constantine Metreweli, the ex-Chairman of Department of Diagnostic Radiology and Organ Imaging, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) at Prince of Wales Hospital (PWH).   Professor Metreweli actively promoted STAR practice at PWH and trained radiographers to scan and draft reports for ultrasound examinations.  STAR practice involves Scanning of patients, Taking quality sonograms, Abnormality detection, and Drafting reports.  Under his supervision, Stella and three of her colleagues attempted ARDMS tests in 1988 and attained credentials in Abdomen and Obstetrics & Gynecology.  To her best knowledge, this gave birth to the first batch of RDMS Registrants in Hong Kong.  In 1993, she further passed the tests in Neurosonology and Vascular Technology.  Apart from the ARDMS credentials, Stella also acquired an MPhil degree and a PhD in 1997 and 2002 respectively.

After promoted to the post of Senior Radiographer in 1997, Stella is actively involved in research and training and development of radiographers in sonography.  She had been appointed as an Honorary Clinical Associate of HKPU from 2001 to 2007 and is currently an Adjunct Associate Professor of CUHK.  In the past ten years, she published about 30 ultrasound articles in indexed journals.  Of half, she is the first author.  She also co-authored six ultrasound books.CHINA US Panel for Stella Ho

As an experienced sonographer, Stella was recently appointed as a Consultant Radiographer (Ultrasound) and the chairman of Ultrasonography Panel in Hospital Authority (HA), Hong Kong.  All along, Stella is committed to promoting STAR practice in sonographers.  Taking advantage of her rapport with CUHK and HA, she coordinated the opening of ARDMS test center in CUHK in 2005 and the accreditation of Institute of Advanced Allied Health Studies in HA as the ARDMS program provider for CME activities lately.  These greatly facilitate local sonographers to pursue ARDMS credentials and maintain their active status.

To date, more than 100 sonographers/physicians in the region have attained various ARDMS credentials and the ARDMS certification process has become the primary ultrasound requirement for sonographers not only in Hong Kong, but neighboring countries such as South Korea and Pakistan.

Nonetheless, successful implementation of STAR practice is still impeded by a lack of structured ultrasound training programs in Hong Kong.  Stella is looking forward to working closely with HA and collaborating with other ultrasound institutions to develop a structured training program for local sonographers in the near future.


Dan Merton Receives "Alumni Special Achievement Award"

Daniel A. Merton was recently awarded the "Alumni Special Achievement Award" from Jefferson College of Health Professions for his outstanding contributions to the field of sonography...

Click here to read more about Dan Merton

Daniel Merton - FINALDaniel A. Merton, RDMS, FSDMS, FAIUM was recently awarded the "Alumni Special Achievement Award" from Jefferson College of Health Professions for his outstanding contributions to the field of sonography. He has served on more than 15 committees and task forces for the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS), Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (SDMS), and the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM). He is also a current member of the Board of Directors for the ARDMS and a past member of the Board of Governors of the AIUM.  

He currently holds the position of Technical Coordinator of Ultrasound Research and Clinical Instructor for the Jefferson Ultrasound Research and Education Institute in addition to being the Adjunct Associate Professor of Drexel University School of Biomedical Engineering Science and Health Systems.  

Dan has spent 22 years performing cutting-edge research including projects involving the Departments of Radiology, Pediatrics and Urology. He has authored and co-authored more than 90 scientific peer-reviewed journal articles, 190 scientific abstracts for presentations, one text book and 15 text book chapters, and has been invited to present at more than 170 lectures across the US. He serves on two Editorial Boards of peer-reviewed journals (Journal of Diagnostic Medical Sonography; JDMS and the Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine; JUM) and he is a contributing columnist and writer for several professional trade magazines and websites.  

Dan has been a true pioneer in the field of sonography through his determination and dedication. His work and contributions are highly regarded and he continues to champion the field of Sonography today.


Community Announcement

Medical Ultrasound Safety, Second Edition Now Available...

Click here to read more about Medical Ultrasound Safety


The ARDMS is pleased to share recent announcements from other organizations in the field of ultrasound and sonography.

The American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM) Medical Ultrasound Safety, second edition consists of three parts: Bioeffects and Biophysics, Prudent Use, and Implementing ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable) and includes a CME self-study test at the end of each section. The aim of this publication is to guide users to better control diagnostic ultrasound equipment and examinations in order to increase patient safety and maximize diagnostic information. The FDA suggests that manufacturers provide a copy of Medical Ultrasound Safety with all ultrasound equipment sold. The enhanced second edition meets the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommendations for education programs as they relate to the clinical end-user.

Order online at, call 800-638-5352 or contact the AIUM fulfillment coordinator at 301-498-4100.


Bringing Hope and Improving Patient Care

ARDMS recognizes sonographers who go above and beyond in their profession...

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ARDMS takes pride in recognizing sonographers who go above and beyond in their profession. It is often difficult to spotlight one sonographer's achievement when we have such a large community dedicated to improving patient care worldwide.

The following article was submitted by an ARDMS Registrant, Connie Ambrecht, RDMS.

As I clocked in at my 7:00 to 3:30 job, my mind drifted to thoughts of vacation. This vacation was going to be different than any before. I was going to Haiti on a health care mission trip. The usual vacation preparation was taking place; planning, packing, booking flights, destination research and daydreaming of what was to come. This trip brought about different daydreams, what would it be like when we got there? Who will be learning how to use the equipment? How many doctors will be there? What shape will the equipment be in? What will the patients be like? How will the food be? What about the living conditions, will I have a hot shower? This vacation would be spent on a health care mission trip. A trip to Haiti to use my sonography skills in a way I’d never done before.

As the trip was coming together, I connected with the team who was going, doctors, nurses and another RDMS certified sonographer. It almost felt like we were on a reality television show with a project to get together. Our main task: collect supplies to take with us in an extra suitcase. As it turned out it was amazing to see and experience how easy it was to collect gel, gel bottles, thermal paper, drapes for exams and whatever supplies we could get together through donations. Offices and hospitals are very willing to donate what they can.

My trip to Haiti is the most recent health care mission, medical outreach, or humanitarian sonography trip I've participated in. In April 2005, I participated in my first international sonography trip; destination: Armenia. Since then I have been to Romania, Ukraine, the Philippines, and Ecuador.

You may feel that international travel may not fit your lifestyle but domestic volunteer opportunities would be just right. There are many free medical clinics who offer a variety of services. One may need abdominal scanning and another obstetrical. One thing is certain; medical professionals are willing to reach out and use their skills to serve others. At a time when many are finding themselves uninsured, more volunteers are needed. I hope you are challenged to consider what medical clinic might need you.

Connie Ambrecht, RDMS is the founder of Hope Imaging. Hope Imaging is a 501C-3 organization that coordinates RDMS Registrants with health care mission teams who need sonography trainers and practitioners. Feel free to contact Connie at or visit





Champion the cause of credentialing:

Encourage your students/colleagues to become credentialed: Share your personal story about becoming certified and be a mentor as they apply for the ARDMS credential(s) by guiding them through the fast and secure online application process (

Tell your students you are certified: Share with students that you are certified by ARDMS and the recent passing of the New Mexico and Oregon licensure bills and what that means for them.

Visit the ARDMS website at for legislative updates.

SPI Examination – Quick Reference

SPI meets the Principles and Instrumentation requirement needed to earn the RDMS, RDCS and RVT credentials. Below is a quick reference list of online resources relating to the SPI examination. For the most current SPI examination information, please visit

As the SPI examination meets the Principles and Instrumentation requirement for the ARDMS credentials, the UPI, CPI and VPI examinations are no longer offered by the ARDMS.

SPI Call out box updated

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