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New Mexico Licensure

Licensure of Sonographers – New Mexico Leading the Way

On April 6, 2009, New Mexico became the first state to require licensure of sonographers. Under the new law, sonographers and MRI technologists will be added to the list of medical imaging professionals required to be licensed in the state of New Mexico. The bill, signed by Governor Bill Richardson, says that the state will recognize "national credentialing/certification organizations" as a means for earning the licensure; thus no state licensure examinations will be required.

In the coming months, New Mexico will be working to develop the administrative rules, policies and procedures of this new bill (such as how to apply for the licensure and which credentialing/certification organizations will be recognized).  The ARDMS Legislative and External Affairs  Committee will continue to monitor the developments of the New Mexico law and will provide updates via the ARDMS website ( and in future editions of Registry Reports.

Additional Online Resources Regarding the New Mexico Sonographer Licensure Act

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ARDMS Position on Licensure Requirements

The ARDMS mission is to "promote quality care and patient safety through the certification and continuing  competency of ultrasound professionals." ARDMS supports sonography licensure laws that recognize leading national credentialing programs, identify continuing medical education requirements, charge affordable fees and are overseen by a regulatory group that includes sonography professionals. Ideally, such laws would be instituted at a federal level as state-by-state requirements may vary greatly. "Ultimately, ARDMS seeks to  have all personnel performing sonography meet a quality standard such as obtaining ARDMS credentials," said Dale R. Cyr, ARDMS CEO and Executive Director.

Other Pending Licensure Legislation

ARDMS expects that other states will adopt licensure laws and believes that ARDMS will be an accepted  standard to meet state requirements. At this time, Oregon is the only other state considering a sonography  licensure law.

ARDMS Role in Legislative and Licensure Issues

The ARDMS Legislative and External Affairs Committee is a volunteer group of sonographers and physicians that recommend policies to the ARDMS Board of Directors regarding legislative, regulatory, professional, and the health and patient care environment that affects the mission of the ARDMS. Additionally, ARDMS participates in several national multi-society alliances that seek to establish credentialing and educational  standards for sonography professionals.

What Are Your Thoughts on Licensure Programs for Sonographers?

ARDMS welcomes comments from Registrants and the sonography community about licensure programs for Sonographers. Please send an e-mail to and indicate "Licensure" in the subject line.