Annual Renewal Fee

The 2014 annual renewal period is now closed. Please check back for updates on the 2015 renewal period.

New Registrants: Did you earn your credential between December 1 - 31?
As a courtesy to new Registrants who earned their first credential between December 1 – 31, 2013 and RMSK Registrants who earned their first credential during the RMSK administration between September - October 2013, the deadline to pay the 2014 annual renewal fee is extended from December 31, 2013 to February 28, 2014. Learn more at New Registrant Renewal.

The annual renewal fee helps ARDMS to continue to fulfill our mission of promoting quality care and patient safety through the certification and continuing knowledge of ultrasound professionals. ARDMS is dedicated to providing our Registrants and the global ultrasound community the highest and most comprehensive level of professional services and support.

                                                                                                                         Did you know?

  • More than 64,000 Registrants renewed online last year
  • 200 million patients are seen by ARDMS Registrants annually
  • The average sonographer sees 78,000 patients in their sonography career
  • ARDMS patented the Semi-Interactive Console (SIC)
  • In the last year 14,000 students took the SPI exam

ARDMS Renewal Fees*

  • $75 for RDMS, RDCS, RVT
  • $100 for RPVI
  • $75 for RMSK ($100 with MD/DO/DPM designation)



Once the annual renewal fee is paid:

If you miss the December 31, 2013 renewal payment deadline, your credentials will be revoked. To have your credentials reinstated, please follow the reinstatement policy.

Does your three-year CME period end December 31, 2013?
When you pay your 2014 renewal fee, you will be attesting that you have accrued or will have accrued by the end of the appropriate three-year CME period the required ARDMS accepted CMEs. You will be notified via MY ARDMS, e-mail and postal mail if you are selected for the CME audit in March 2014 for the 2011-2013 three-year CME period. Click here to assure that a CME is ARDMS-accepted and to view a list of organizations that meet the ARDMS CME requirements.

Does your three-year CME period end in 2014 or after?
Although your three-year CME period does not end in 2013, you should still be earning CMEs in order to have your minimum of 30 ARDMS-accepted CMEs by the time your deadline arrives. Don’t wait until the last minute to earn your CMEs. Do not send CME documentation to the ARDMS office. Log onto MYARDMS to check your three year CME period. Do you have more questions about the CME audit process? Please visit for answers or send an e-mail to

Keep Your Contact Information Current:
To ensure you receive important information regarding your status with ARDMS, please update your address by logging on to your secure MY ARDMS account. For step-by-step instructions on how to ensure our emails continue to reach your inbox with major email service providers, click here. Please add our email address and to your address book. For name change request, which must include a completed “Name Change Request Form”, click here.






By paying the annual renewal fee, a Registrant attests that he/she: (a) is in compliance with all ARDMS Compliance Policies, including the self-reporting requirement regarding any violation of the compliance policies, (b) has accrued – or will have accrued, by the end of the appropriate three-year CME period – the required ARDMS-accepted CME credit hours; (c) has not been disciplined by a state licensing board, state or federal agency, national professional association, or accrediting body (not previously reported to ARDMS); (d) has not been arrested, charged with, convicted of, found guilty for and/or pleaded nolo contendere to any crime (felony and/or misdemeanor) other than a speeding or parking violation (not previously reported to ARDMS); and (e) will continue to comply on an ongoing basis with all ARDMS rules and policies, which may be amended from time to time without prior notice.

Registrant renewal fees, application fees, dues, contributions or gifts to ARDMS are not deductible as a charitable contribution for federal income tax purposes. These payments may be deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses under Section 162 of the Internal Revenue Code. ARDMS has been organized under Section 501(c)(6) of the IRC. The ARDMS tax identification number is 51-0184277. You may wish to consult your tax advisor for further assistance.