Recertification General Information

Recommitment to Quality Patient Care and Safety

As an ARDMS Registrant, you are committing to demonstrate the highest level of expertise in the modality of sonography by meeting and maintaining the standards set by the ARDMS. ARDMS is developing a program to assure that ARDMS Registrants continue to demonstrate the knowledge and core clinical skills in present day practice.

Recertification Fast Facts:

• ARDMS credentials must be reviewed every 10 years.
• Recertification evaluation will begin in 2022 for everyone who earned their credential in 2013.
• There will be no charge for the first Recertification attempt.
• Open-book and other resources will be allowed to assist in the online e-case review.
• Content will be specialty-specific.
• This is a required standard for ARDMS accreditation.

The chart below lists the required action through the course of your 10-year period. To check your 10-year period, log on to and click on the “Maintaining Certification” tab.



For updates, visit and bookmark and watch for articles in Registry Reports, Ultrasound SmartBrief and Notes for Educators.

The pathway of maintaining your credentials is comprised of:

Recertification...Recommitment to Quality Patient Care and Safety.
Following the attainment of the ARDMS credential, Registrants are assigned a 10-year recertification period the year after the credential is earned. ARDMS is committed to developing a recertification program that is easy for Registrants to comply with.

Paying the ARDMS annual renewal fee each year.
Each year ARDMS assesses Registrants an annual renewal fee. By paying your annual renewal fee, you are contributing to the ARDMS mission. In order to maintain your credentials, you must pay the annual renewal fee of $75 USD or $100 USD (for RPVI and RMSK Registrants with MD/DO/DPM designation) on or before December 31 of each year in order to stay active for the following year. Visit for more information.

Attesting to ARDMS rules and policies.
Each year when you pay your annual renewal fee, you are attesting that you are in compliance with all ARDMS rules and compliance policies and are in good standing with the ARDMS.

Earning a minimum of 30 ARDMS-accepted CMEs during your three-year CME period.
ARDMS verifies its Registrants' compliance with continuing medical education (CME) requirements using an audit process. Earning your CMEs is an integral component of maintaining your ARDMS credential(s) and demonstrates your ongoing commitment to lifelong learning. Visit for more information.