ARDMS is currently considering revisions to the Semi-Interactive Console (SIC) item in light of advances in ultrasound technology.  In preparation for the introduction of a redesigned SIC item, the current item type will be removed from the SPI examination.  Effective September 28, 2020, the SPI examination will no longer contain Semi-Interactive Console (SIC) questions.

ARDMS examinations feature questions called Advanced Item Types (AIT). AIT questions assess a candidate in formats that closely relate to actual practice and, therefore, better measure practical sonography skills. The AITs allow the examinee to move closer to a hands-on testing environment.  Below, please find details about these new types of questions and AIT preparation resources.

Semi-Interactive Console Questions 

The SPI examination features questions using the semi-interactive ultrasound machine console. The new items display a partially completed ultrasound image and a question that indicates a problem. Examinees will use a mouse to select the control on the simulated console that will correct the problem. These new types of questions will measure the examinees knowledge, skills and abilities in a format that closely relates to clinical practice. The SPI examination containing the new SIC items is comprised of 110 items (questions). Visit  to experience the SIC console and to learn more.

Hotspot Questions 

ARDMS examinations feature a combination of multiple choice questions, which may contain images and videos and hotspot questions. Hotspot item (question) types display an image and question and require the examinee to indicate the correct answer by using the cursor to mark directly on the image. Hotspot questions require a higher level of thinking and processing than when answering a conventional multiple choice question.

PVI and OB/GYN Examination Featuring Picture Archive and Communication Simulation (PACS) Questions
The patent-pending PACS items are designed to simulate a workstation experience relevant to actual present-day medical practice. The PACSim questions are featured on the PVI and OB/GYN examinations. Read the full press release. Visit to view sample questions and to learn more.