​2017 – How well do you know ARDMS?

Try answering the questions before reading the answers below. You might be surprised!

1. Approximately how many ARDMS Registrants are there currently worldwide? 

a. 52,000
b. 74,000
c. 96,000
d. 118,000

2. Approximately how many new questions are needed each year to keep 10 ARDMS examinations fresh?

a. 1,000
b. 3,000
c. 5,000
d. 7,000

3. Approximately, what percentage of the questions written for examinations are written by volunteers?

a. 25%
b. 50%
c. 75%
d. 100%

4. Which two states have the greatest number of Registrants?

a. Oregon and Massachusetts
b. Oregon and California
c. California and Florida
d. ​Florida and Massachusetts

5. Which city, outside of North America, has the greatest number of ARDMS Registrants?

a.  Seoul, Korea
b. London, England
c. Jerusalem, Israel
d. Beijing, China

6. What is the most common first name of ARDMS Registrants?
a. Michael
b. Jennifer
c. Susan
d. Mary​
7. What percentage of ARDMS Registrants are Millenials (ages 19-35 years)?​

a. 14%
b. 28%
c. 43%
d. 56%

8. What percentage of ARDMS Registrants are Baby Boomers (ages 57-74 years)?

a. 14%
b. 28%
c. 43%
d. 56%
9. What is the age of the oldest ARDMS Registrant with an “active” status?

a. 68
b. 78
c. 88
d. 98
10. Where is the headquarters of ARDMS located?
a. Cincinnati, OH
b. Rockville, MD
c. Winston-Salem, NC
d. Baltimore, MD
1. Approximately 96,000 people hold ARDMS credentials, and the number increases every day.

2. Approximately 3,000 new questions are needed each year to keep the nine ARDMS specialties plus the Sonographer Physics and Instrumentation (SPI) examinations secure and valid so the integrity of an ARDMS credential remains protected.

3. Approximately 400 volunteers per year write and review 100% of the questions on ARDMS examinations. Volunteer subject-matter experts literally write the standards of the sonography profession. To find out more and to volunteer, log into MY ARDMS and click Volunteer Now.

4. Maybe it’s the warm weather. California is home to the most Registrants with nearly 7,000 and Florida comes in second with just over 6,000.

5. When traveling, you’re bound to run into more ARDMS Registrants living in Seoul, Korea, than in any other city outside of the United States.

6. What do ARDMS Registrants have in common with people whose last names are Aniston, Garner, and Lopez?  The first name “Jennifer.” More than 1,300 Registrants answer to that first name!

7. Edging out Gen-Xers by just one percentage point, Millenials account for 43% of the total ARDMS Registry.

8. First- and second-wave ultrasound techs have been retiring. Only 14% of current ARDMS Registrants are old enough to be considered Baby Boomers.

9. We don’t know if this Registrant is still scanning at the age of 88 years, but we say “Thank you!” for maintaining an active membership for so long.

10. Inteleos headquarters – including the ARDMS Council – are located in Rockville, MD, a suburb of Washington, DC.  Cincinnati was the home of the first ARDMS Central Office. Winston-Salem is where the first ARDMS exams were administered in 1975. Baltimore, MD, is where the first computer-based ARDMS examination was administered in 1991.​