CME Bank

​As a benefit for being an ARDMS Registrant, you may choose to use the ARDMS CME Bank to store CMEs in MY ARDMS. You can upload CMEs that meet ARDMS CME requirements as well as other CMEs applicable to your credentials at other organizations.

Important Update for Physicians: ARDMS has introduced a companion certification council for physicians – the Alliance for Physician Certification & Advancement (APCA)!  Please read the post below about what APCA means for you. 

Features of the ARDMS CME Bank Include:

     • Secure online tool to electronically store CME information
     • Quick and easy uploading system
     • Ability to sort CME information by date, specialty and provider
     • Easy print and reporting features
     • Integrated online CME Audit

CMEs earned from providers that participate in the ARDMS Tracker Program are directly transferred from that provider. Please note that processing times will vary depending upon the participating organization.  ARDMS has an automatic CME reporting agreement with:

     • Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (SDMS) - must be a member to have credits directly transferred
        reflected on your ARDMS CME transcript
     • Institute for Advanced Medical Education (IAME)
     • American Society of Echocardiography (ASE)- must be a member to have credits directly transferred on
        your ARDMS CME transcript
     • Spectrum Health
     • Society for Vascular Ultrasound (SVU)-must be a member to have credits directly transferred to your ARDMS
       CME transcript​
     • American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT)- Category A and A+ only​

We continue to explore CME reporting agreements with other ARDMS-approved CME providers to better serve you. You may automatically pass any audit requirements if you have the minimum required number of ARDMS-accepted CMEs in your ARDMS CME Bank when your three-year CME period ends.

NOTE:  We encourage you to store your CMEs in the ARDMS CME Bank. If your three-year CME period ends December 31, 2015 you must earn your ARDMS-accepted CMEs by December 31, 2015 and upload them to the CME Bank by February 29, 2016.

IMPORTANT! If you choose not to upload CMEs to the ARDMS CME Bank and are selected for a CME audit, ARDMS will provide instructions on how to submit your CMEs. ARDMS does not accept CMEs via email, fax or postal mail.

Need more information? You can access the CME Bank FAQs or email

Important Update for Physicians: In June 2016 ARDMS introduced the Alliance for Physician Certification & Advancement (APCA), your new exclusive certification destination.  As a physician, you will now seek information, apply for, prepare for, and maintain both your APCA and ARDMS certifications through and the new MY APCA.  From this point forward all the services, reminders and notifications about both ARDMS and APCA certification(s) will now be provided to you by APCA. ​