Promote Your ARDMS Credentials With Digital Badging

The American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography and the Alliance for Physician Certification & Advancement have partnered with Credly to provide digital badges to our Registrants. These badges will enable our healthcare professionals ​to promote their achievements to employers and colleagues on various social media platforms. ​

​What is a digital badge?

The badges are digital versions of ARDMS- or APCA-awarded credentials, certifications, certificates and physics examinations​. They act as a quick reference, offering the viewer a description of what was awarded, the steps taken to earn it, skills tied to the earner’s accomplishments and links to additional information about the badge and qualifications.

 What are the benefits of digital badging?

•​​ Share your badge on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter

•​​ Download your badge image and URL to embed in a resume, website or email signature

•​​ Personalize your profile to highlight your strengths

Who is eligible for a digital badge?

Active Registrants are eligible for digital badges.  The badges are awarded as ARDMS and APCA award the corresponding credential and/or certificate.​

What is the process for claiming a badge?

Claiming an ARDMS digital badge is simple! After an ARDMS credential, certificate or physics examination is awarded, the Registrant will receive an email from Credly (formerly Credly’s Acclaim)​ platform with instructions on how to claim the badge:

•​​ Click the link in your Credly email notification.*

•​​ Create an account on Credly’s website​.

•​​ Confirm your account, and claim your badge by selecting the link provided in the Welcome email
from Credly.​

How can I verify that a badge is valid?

When you click to view a badge, the badge page should open and you should see a blue Verify box in the top right corner of the page. Clicking on that badge will run a verification process to ensure that what you are viewing is a valid badge. If you do not see the blue Verify box, please contact ARDMS ( or 800-541-9754, option 1) for additional assistance regarding verification of the badge earner’s status.

Additionally, you may directly verify the badge earner’s status with ARDMS by clicking on the link at the bottom of the badge where it indicates Verify the status or by clicking here.

If you click to view a badge and you receive the following error, Unable to Verify Badge: We are unable to verify the status of this badge. Please contact the earner of this badge for more information., please contact ARDMS ( or 800-541-9754, option 1) for additional assistance regarding verification of the badge earner’s status.

Now that you know how to claim your digital badges, learn how to share your badge​ via email, on social media and websites.

For additional information, be sure to review these FAQs.

*To request a new email, please contact