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Submit a Complaint

Please watch the Third-party Complaint Video to understand the ARDMS compliance review process further.

ARDMS maintains Compliance Policies that are mandatory standards for all ARDMS Applicants, Candidates, Registrants and/or Certificants.

ARDMS takes all reported violations of our Compliance Policies seriously. As a result, all investigations and review of alleged violations will be conducted in accordance with the ARDMS Compliance Policies.  A determination cannot be rendered without completing a compliance review. During the Compliance Review, the subject of the Complaint will retain their eligibility for examination and active credential status as applicable until the conclusion of the review process.  Complainants will be notified in writing of the outcome once the complaint review process has concluded.

Compliance reviews take between thirty days and six months to process but may take longer depending on the volume of cases received and the severity of the matter reported.

The complainant can elect to remain anonymous during the Compliance Review, but we do ask that you provide your name and contact information when submitting the complaint to allow staff to contact you, should we have any additional questions regarding the complaint.

To submit a complaint please follow the below link to the Compliance Complaint Form:

Submit A Complaint

Click to view our Compliance Review Process: Third-party Complaints

Please review the following frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions, you can contact the ARDMS Compliance department via our contact us form.

What kind of complaints can be reported to the ARDMS?

You can only submit complaints against ARDMS Applicants, Candidates and Registrants who are seeking or have earned an ARDMS certification. Individuals who are not ARDMS certified and/or have not applied for certification are not under the jurisdiction of the ARDMS.

All complaints that we receive are investigated based on the information available. Upon investigating the complaint, we will determine if the incident is a violation of ARDMS Compliance Policies, specifically any of the situations described in Section 1.1 of the Compliance Policy.

I recently had an ultrasound, and something happened during the procedure that made me feel uncomfortable, but I do not know if this is a violation. What should I do?

Patients who have concerns or questions about procedures performed should follow up with the ordering physician for clarification. Patients are also encouraged to review:

Patients who have complaints regarding ultrasound procedures should contact the imaging department and/or facility management where the procedure took place.

Patients who feel that their complaint meets the threshold of an ARDMS Compliance Policy violation are encouraged to report the matter using the ARDMS Complaint Form.


Anyone can submit a complaint who has knowledge of a compliance violation that has been committed.

ARDMS conducts administrative investigations. Documented proof of the compliance violation is required to substantiate the complaint.

Submitting the following information and/or documentation, as applicable, will assist ARDMS in substantiating the complaint and provide for faster processing:

Criminal Conviction(s):

  • Initial Charge
    • Disposition
    • Sentencing Requirements
    • Is the case closed? If no, what is still pending?

Battery, Assault, Violent Crime(s):

  • Were any injuries sustained by any of the involved parties during the altercation? If so, explain.
  • Has there been any similar circumstance/events prior to this matter?

Workplace Matter(s):

  • What was the circumstance surrounding the matter?
  • Was the person working in a capacity to provide patient care?
    • Was patient care provided?
    • Was there intent to provide patient care?
  • Were any patients harmed or impacted?
  • Were drugs or alcohol a contributing factor to the event?
  • Were there any disciplinary actions due to this matter (i.e. Performance Enhancement Plans, Termination, etc.)

Violations involving Alcohol/Drug Use:

  • Drug-Related:
    • What was the drug?
    • Do you know if there is a history of drug abuse?
    • Do you know the circumstances around the use of the drug, if so, what were they?


  • Alcohol-Related:
    • What is the setting when the alcohol was consumed?
    • Do you know if there is a history of alcohol abuse?
    • Do you know the circumstances around the use of alcohol, if so, what were they?

Disciplinary Matters

  • Has the individual been sanctioned/disciplined/reprimanded by another certifying and/or licensing organization?
  • Circumstances surrounding the matter:
    • What was the situation and was the individual doing? (In full detail)
    • When did this happen?
    • Who witnessed this event?
    • Why did this happen?
    • Where did this incident occur?
    • Were patients involved?
    • Were any patients harmed during this incident?
    • Is there any likelihood of recurrence and why or why not?
  • Is this individual’s certification/license active-unrestricted, active-restricted, or revoked?

No. All complaints must be submitted in writing with the electronic complaint form and we do request you include documentation substantiating the alleged violation. This process ensures that the complaint is fully understood, the complaint has verifiable merit, and that enough evidence has been received to warrant a full compliance investigation.

No, there is no time limit. We will accept all substantiated complaints.

The complaint form provides you with the option to remain anonymous.  ARDMS cannot guarantee that the subject of the complaint will not be able to identify you based on the information you provide, however, if you opt to remain anonymous your name and contact information will not be shared.

No. The documentation provided with your complaint is the only information required from you. We may contact you to request additional information; however, you will not be asked to participate in any way during in the hearing process.

Once the Compliance Review is complete ARDMS will contact you with the final determination. The ARDMS is unable to render a determination without completing a full compliance review. Reviews generally take between thirty days and six months to process but may take longer depending on the volume of cases received and the severity of the matter reported.

Complaints regarding HIPAA Violations



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