Benefits of Certification

ARDMS certification clearly shows your patients, fellow healthcare professionals, employers and the medical facilities you work with that you are a dedicated professional in the field of Sonography.

Why Get Certified?

We created our certification program to support sonography professionals interested in achieving excellence in Sonography. Certification distinguishes you as an expert in your field and demonstrates that you have the cutting-edge knowledge and skills needed to provide top care to your patients.

Take the first step and read our sonography student resources to learn more about the sonography field, important terminology, and student programs.

Learning the benefits of certification is the first step for individuals considering a career in sonography.

Benefits of Certification

When you achieve ARDMS certification, you:
• Represent the highest standard in the field
• Communicate a commitment to patient care and safety
• Increase your career opportunities
• Gain visibility and credibility in the field
• Reassure patients and employers that you are committed to excellence in Sonography

How to Earn Your Credential(s)
To view our specialty examinations, visit Get Certified.

Discover Ways to Give Back

Because volunteers are the cornerstone of fulfilling the ARDMS mission, we make it easy to give back. Discover ways to advance and contribute to patient care in the field of Sonography.

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