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Examination Security

Examination security is vital to the ARDMS mission. Without it, the value of your ARDMS credential is weakened — and it could be rendered meaningless. As a result, we take security seriously, so please read on to find out what you may and may not discuss about the ARDMS examination after you take it — and what the consequences of cheating may be.

If you have any questions regarding examination security, please email your questions to, or contact the ARDMS office at (800) 541-9754 and ask to speak with a Compliance representative.


Information you CAN share:

• It was cold in the testing center, so be sure to bring a sweater or jacket.
• The examination consisted of multiple choice questions and some image and video questions.
• The ARDMS content outline was very helpful when I was studying for the examination.
• I had some issues with some of the questions, but overall it was a straightforward examination.


Questions you CAN ask:

• What are you allowed to bring with you to the testing center?
• How was the examination?
• Were you able to take bathroom breaks?

Information you CAN’T share:

• There were a lot of questions on {specific topic}. You should spend more time studying that.
• I feel that the question {repeat question} wasn’t worded well. It should have said, ______.
• I will show you the images that were used in the examination to help you study.

Questions you CAN’T ask:

• What areas of the examination should have been covered more in class?
• How many questions were related to {specific topic}?
• How did you answer {specific question}?
• What images were on the examination?
• Based on your experience, do you think I should study more of {specific topic} instead of {specific
• I was torn between answers A and B for {specific question}. How did you answer it?

Cheating can happen inside or outside the testing center and can include:

• Someone taking the test for someone else.
• Someone taking notes or other materials into the examination room.
• Someone removing materials from the test center.
• A review course that claims to include ARDMS “live” questions and answers (or that offers to pay
for them).
• Someone posting information about examination content in a public forum, such as a blog post.
• Any behavior that may give some people an unfair advantage on the examination.

​Please send any cheating concerns in writing:


By Email


By Mail
Attention: Examination Security
1401 Rockville Pike, Suite 600
Rockville, MD 20852-1402


Examination security concerns can also be reported to Pearson VUE, the ARDMS test vendor, through their website.


You may submit your concerns anonymously. If you do, please include as much information as you can about the situation because we will not be able to contact you for additional details. For example, if describing an incident at a test center, please state the location, the time of the incident and as many specific details as possible, including any names or descriptions of the individuals involved.


Once your information is received, ARDMS will begin a formal investigation. If you provided your name, you may be asked to write and sign a formal statement. If we take legal action against the individuals involved in the security breach, you may be asked to provide information for the opposing counsel in a deposition or to testify before a judge or jury.