Sample Letters

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Sonographer-level Sample Letters
• Prerequisite 2 Sample Letter
• Student Prerequisite 3B Sample Letter
• Graduate Prerequisite 3B Sample Letter
• Employer Sample Letter
• Program Completion Sample Letter
• Residency Fellowship Completion Sample Letter

Third-Party Attestation Form

New 2020 ARDMS Physician Prerequisite Sample Letters – Effective January 6, 2020.
• Program Completion Letter
• Physician in Practice Sample Letter

Patient Log:
Patient Log

Numbers Corresponding to the Sample Letters
Letter(s) documenting clinical experience must include the following:

  1. Be an official letter with the address and telephone number indicated.
  2. Include the current date.
  3. Employment letters must indicate full-time or part-time training/experience AND must include the total number of paid clinical hours.
  4. State actual dates of employment or program – mm/dd/yyyy
  5. Program completion letters must include the total number of hours in the program and state individually, the number of didactic and clinical hours in the program.
  6. Contain original signatures (stamped and/or computer generated signatures are not acceptable).
  7. Provide a physician’s medical license number or chief sonographer’s/technologist’s ARDMS number.

Note: Letters cannot be signed by a relative of the applicant.