Notification of Results and Scoring

We do not share results over the phone, by fax or via e-mail, nor do we share them with anyone other than you. However, we will release a school report to a program director (when requested) that includes the names of those who passed an examination during a certain time period, the examination each person took during a specific timeframe, credentials earned by each candidate, aggregate examination and raw score results, and the percentage of candidates who passed an examination.

Note: By submitting your ARDMS application, you automatically consent to the release of your examination results to your educational program.

You can find much more information about scoring below.


Whether you take an on-demand or windowed examination, you can view examination results through the secure MY ARDMS page. Results will display as one of the following status options:

• Passed*
• Failed
• Cancelled (you cancelled your scheduled examination appointment time)
• Absent (you arrived late or did not show up for a scheduled appointment, or you were denied entrance to the examination room due to a violation of ARDMS policy)
• Expired (you did not schedule or take the examination within an assigned eligibility period)

*Passed status does not automatically mean that you earned the specialty/credential.

To earn a credential, you must pass all required examinations and meet any additional requirements. Your credential is considered effective the date the final examination was taken.

You can obtain a status verification letter, confirming the certifications you hold from ARDMS, by selecting “Status Verification” under the “My Resources” tab from the MY ARDMS menu bar.

Candidates who do not pass are invited to re-apply.

Obtaining scores earned from 2000 to present:

Please contact Pearson VUE for duplicate score report(s) at 877-258-9220 and have your ARDMS Candidate ID available when calling. (Duplicate score reports are sent only via email.)

Obtaining scores earned prior to 2000:

Duplicate score reports are available for a $25 USD fee per report, payable by check, money order or credit card. Please complete the Duplicate Score Report Form in its entirety and mail or fax it to ARDMS using the contact information at the bottom of the form. Please allow 10 business days to receive your report via regular mail. Score Report Forms that are incomplete, unsigned or unpaid will be returned to sender.

​ARDMS uses a criterion-referenced method for scoring all examinations. There is no curve, candidates do not compete against each other and your score does not represent a percentage of correct answers.

Instead, we rely on a cut-off, or minimum, score that represents basic competency. (To pass an examination, you must score at or above the cut-off.) As you might imagine, we spend a great deal of time ensuring that the cut-off scores are derived fairly.

An analysis of the examination’s scored questions is produced using a variation of the Bookmark scoring method and other classical testing approaches.

ARDMS test results range from 300 to 700; 555 (the cut-off score) is required to pass all ARDMS examinations.

If you have questions about the accuracy of your score, we can perform a score verification for a $35 USD fee payable by check, money order or credit card. Score verification ensures that the computer counted the correct and incorrect answers appropriately. It does not review the questions and answers.

When deciding whether to have your score verified, please keep in mind that ARDMS examinations are scored electronically with a high degree of accuracy, and it is unlikely that verification will alter your original score.

If you are interested in obtaining verification, please submit a completed Examination Score Verification Form within 30 days of taking the examination. If it is incomplete, unsigned or unpaid, it will be returned.