Registrant Support

ARDMS is dedicated to supporting Registrants throughout their career, from earning additional credentials to maintaining their credentials, volunteering and retirement. To help ease this process, ARDMS provides the following resources .

• ARDMS Identification (ID) Card: Learn when you will receive an ID card and what to do if you lose or
misplace your card.
• Manage Personal Information: Organize and update your personal information to ensure your name and
contact information is correct. You can also learn how to opting-out to receive promotional mailings.
• Registry Reports: Subscribe to quarterly newsletter designed to keep you up to date on ARDMS policies and
• Whitelist Instructions: Follow the steps to ensure that ARDMS emails are delivered to your inbox and not
filtered to your bulk email folder.
• Registrant Recognition: View lists of ARDMS Registrants who have been active with ARDMS for 40 years or
• Retired Status: Learn how you can maintain your association with ARDMS through a Retired Status if you are
no longer actively working, practicing, teaching or supervising in the field.

Our Customer Care team is dedicated to assisting Applicants, Students and Registrants with any questions that may arise through the certification process and provide additional resources about ARDMS products and services.

You can contact Customer Care at 301-738-8401 or 800-541-9754, option 1 between the hours of 8:30 am to 5:30 pm ET  or by email at