Neurosonology Registrant

In August 2017, ARDMS shared with the community that the Recertification program had been put on hold until further notice.  Since the discontinuation of the NE examination was set to coincide with the recertification timelines, the Board of Directors approved a resolution that the “RDMS Neurosonology (NE) credential will be maintained until a Recertification program model is established.”

Therefore, if you hold the RDMS (NE) credential, ARDMS will continue to support it until a Recertification program model is established.  You can read about the decision to put the recertification program on hold here.

In addition to extending the maintenance of the RDMS (NE), ARDMS has re-established the discount for the Pediatric Sonography (PS) examination (one discount per Registrant for the duration of the pause in the recertification program) to anyone who currently holds the NE specialty.  Those who hold the RDMS (NE) credential will be able to take the PS examination for $150 USD; the discount will automatically be applied during the application process.​

For additional questions or concerns, please contact the Customer Care team at 800-541-9754, Monday through Friday during normal business hours or email


Based on a decreasing number of individuals seeking an NE certification over the past several years, ARDMS initiated a needs analysis study two years ago among medical professionals, including AB, NE and PE Registrants to best determine the need and opportunity to develop a new credentialing examination focused on general Pediatric Sonography.

  • More than 60% of those responding to the survey agree with the need for the Pediatric Sonography (PS) specialty certification.
  • Earlier this year, the ARDMS Board of Directors voted to develop the Sonography global professional’s first Pediatric Sonography specialty examination.
  • Components of the current NE examination content will be incorporated into the new Pediatric Sonography (PS) examination.
  • Registrants with the NE specialty will be able to maintain that specialty until a Recertification program model is established.

Please note that no immediate decision needs to be made since you can maintain your NE specialty until a Recertification program model is established.​

  • Applications for the Pediatric Sonography examination are available during select periods of the
    year. Visit the Pediatric Sonography page to learn more!
  • If you pass the PS examination, the NE specialty will be replaced by the PS specialty at that time.
    You cannot hold both specialties simultaneously.