Knowledge Confirmation with ARDMS

At ARDMS, credentials represent more than the results of a particular examination or assessment: they confirm a deep commitment to a lifetime of learning.

The Maintenance of Certification program outlines our dedication to encouraging our community’s ongoing education. Recertification, or knowledge confirmation, is one of the program’s four key parts.

Knowledge Confirmation

  • Opening opportunities to learn
  • Assessing base knowledge and skills
  • Keeping your practice up to date
  • Using a simple, app-based quiz

Knowledge Confirmation is NOT…

  • Retaking an ARDMS examination
  • Taking a new ARDMS examination
  • Paying an additional fee
  • Punishing or suspending registrants for poor practice


As a learning and assessment hub, a future version of the ARDMS SKILLS App (link to new page 1) will house the knowledge confirmation (recertification) piece of maintaining your ARDMS credentials.

These specialty-specific quizzes will reflect current-day content approved by subject matter experts (SMEs) and will be available to all active Registrants. As such, ARDMS will be able to ensure active Registrants are maintaining knowledge of and proficiency in their specialties.

The SKILLS App as a required piece of Maintenance of Certification (MOC) is not expected until 2023.

The SKILLS App is currently in development, but ARDMS Registrants can preview it now! Please visit the ARDMS SKILLS App page to learn more and download the latest version.


The initial discussions and planning for the ARDMS recertification program began in 2002. Since that time, the program has gone through several iterations and garnered extensive feedback from the sonographer and physician communities. Behind the scenes, volunteers and subject matter experts from the sonography community and staff continue to carefully craft all aspects of the program to be of the highest value to ARDMS Registrants.