Each year when you pay your annual renewal fee, you are attesting, or certifying, that you are in compliance with all ARDMS rules and compliance policies and are in good standing with the ARDMS.

By paying the annual renewal fee, a Registrant attests that he/she: 

(a) is in compliance with all ARDMS rules and compliance policies, including the self-reporting

(b) has accrued or will have accrued, by the end of the appropriate three-year CME period, the required
number of ARDMS-accepted CME credit hours;

 (c) has not been disciplined by a state licensing board, state or federal agency, national professional
association, or accrediting body (not previously reported to ARDMS*);

(d) has not been convicted of, found guilty for and/or pleaded nolo contendere to any crime (felony and/or
misdemeanor) and other than a speeding or parking violation (not previously reported to ARDMS*); and

(e) will continue to comply on an ongoing basis with all ARDMS rules and compliance policies, which may
be amended from time to time without prior notice.

* Notice regarding previously unreported violations of the ARDMS Compliance Policies: If you have a previously unreported violation of the ARDMS Compliance Policies to report, you must report the violation to the ARDMS Compliance Department before paying your 2020 annual renewal fee–either by sending an email to or by reporting it using the form provided during your online renewal. After reporting the violation, you may continue with the renewal process however review of the violation matter you have reported will continue separately in accordance with the ARDMS Compliance Policies .