Directory of Retired Registrants

The result of a search of the ARDMS Directory of Retired Registrants serves as a primary source verification of those persons Retired by the ARDMS. It is the responsibility of an employer to confirm with sufficient identifiers that an individual, whose credentials are being reviewed, is the same person reported in the Directory.

The ARDMS Directory of Retired Registrants will provide information on persons Retired by the ARDMS:

 Retired Status Registrant Definition

​     • A voluntary ARDMS Status for Registrants who are no longer actively working, practicing,
        teaching or supervising in the field, but wish to maintain their association with ARDMS.
     • Retired Status does NOT allow individuals to use any ARDMS credential designations.  Use of any
        ARDMS credential, trademark or copyright materials associated with their name is strictly
     • Retired Status explicitly states that an individual does not hold Active Registry Status.  Retired
        Status is permanent.  If Retired Status individuals wish to regain their credential(s), they must
        apply, pay for and pass applicable ARDMS examinations.

 How Can I Search?

​​     • First Name
     • Last Name
     • Country
     • State/Province
     • Credentials
     • Specialties
     • Registry Number

 Credentials and Specialties


     • RDMS – Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
     • RDCS – Registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer
     • RVT – Registered Vascular Technologist
     • RPVI – Registered Physician in Vascular Interpretation


     • AB – Abdomen
     • AE – Adult Echocardiography
     • BR – Breast Specialty
     • FE – Fetal Echocardiography
     • MSK - Musculoskeletal
     • OB – Obstetrics & Gynecology
     • PE – Pediatric Echocardiography
     • PS – Pediatric Sonography
     • PVI – Physicians’ Vascular Interpretation
     • VT – Vascular Technology

 Specialties No Longer Offered

​​     • BP – Ophthalmic Biometry
     • OD – Obstetrical Doppler
     • OP – Ophthalmology
     • PD – Prostate Doppler
     • PV – Peripheral Vascular