Retired Status

Important Update for Physicians: ARDMS has introduced a companion certification council for physicians – the Alliance for Physician Certification & Advancement (APCA)!  Please read the post below about what APCA means for you. ​

Retired Status is intended both to recognize your years of service and to acknowledge your dedication to certification.

What does Retired Status mean?

     • You are no longer actively working, practicing, teaching or supervising in the field, but wish to maintain your
        association with ARDMS.
     • You may no longer use any ARDMS credential designations.
     • You do not hold Active Registry Status.

Retired Status is permanent. Once retired, regaining credential(s) means you must apply, pay for and pass all applicable ARDMS examinations.

What are the Benefits of Retired Status?

     • Receipt of a Certificate of Recognition.
     • No annual renewal fee.
     • Exempt from CME requirements.

How do I change my status to Retired?

Before you can have a Retired Status, you must have an Active Status registration, have no unresolved disciplinary actions and be in full compliance with ARDMS CME requirements, including successfully completing the CME Audit, if selected.

To change your status, log into MY ARDMS and click "Request Retired Status" under "Maintaining Certification."

Please note that ARDMS ID Cards are not issued to retired Registrants.

Important Update for Physicians: In June 2016 ARDMS introduced the Alliance for Physician Certification & Advancement (APCA), your new exclusive certification destination.  As a physician, you will now seek information, apply for, prepare for, and maintain both your APCA and ARDMS certifications through and the new MY APCA.  From this point forward all the services, reminders and notifications about both ARDMS and APCA certification(s) will now be provided to you by APCA.