Status Verification

Verify the status of an employee or other persons using the ARDMS status verification directory below. If you are looking to verify a current, expired, or sanctioned ARDMS credential or for information on a pending ARDMS credential verification, please scroll down the page for links to those specific lists.

If you are looking to verify a current, expired or sanctioned ARDMS credential:

ARDMS Directory of Registrants here – Verify Credential of Active Registrants

ARDMS Directory of Retired Registrants – View a list of persons with “Retired” status by ARDMS.

Sanction List – View a list of persons who have been determined to have violated ARDMS Compliance Policies and are under sanction.

Persons No Longer Registered – View a list of persons who are no longer registered due to non-compliance with ARDMS rules pertaining to maintenance of CME credits and/or fees.

If you are looking for information on a pending ARDMS credential verification:

Registrant Status Verification – Obtain status verification letter by logging on to MY ARDMS.

If you are an employer and wish to verify if the name of your employee matches the name of a person on the Sanction List:
Employer Verification Form – Verify if an employee’s name matches the person on the Sanction List.

ARDMS Identification (ID) Cards – View information about ARDMS ID cards.

Employers and others concerned about accurate, current ARDMS certification status should confirm that all documents and information presented by sonographers and/or vascular technologists are accurate to secure or maintain employment or to verify certification status.