Introducing the New ARDMS Logo

We are excited to share with you the new ARDMS® logo!  Our new logo was designed to honor the ARDMS’ long history, celebrate our Registrants, symbolize the field of sonography and represent our mission of quality patient care through the certification and continuing competency of ultrasound professionals.

A New Logo and A New Structure
The reveal of our new logo corresponds with the exciting news that the ARDMS has expanded its organizational structure and governance model to better meet the needs of diverse healthcare professionals around the world. On January 1, 2016, the ARDMS launched an umbrella company (Inteleos™) and a physician-centric certification community (Alliance for Physician Certification and Advancement™ – APCA™) which joined the ARDMS in furthering its long-standing vision of raising the global standards of excellence in healthcare and patient safety.  The new structure will be implemented by June 2016 and more information may be found at

The new organizational structure also allows the ARDMS to recommit to solely serve Sonographers. Our Registrants will continue to count on the ARDMS for unparalleled credentialing opportunities, exceptional service and to champion the role and voice of Sonographers around the world.

What the New Logo Represents
The new ARDMS logo serves to celebrate the ARDMS as the guiding star in our new organizational structure.  Additionally, the 10 rays symbolize the number of exams the ARDMS currently offers.  Some of the rays are also designed to represent sound and sound transmission (transducers) in an aspirational form. Other rays represent our Registrants and how the ARDMS aspires to elevate Sonographers and the practice of ultrasound through certification.  Finally, the orange circle at the center of our logo represents the patient.  This final piece of symbolism was important as patients are at the heart of the ARDMS and the ultimate beneficiary of our mission to promote quality patient care through the certification and continuing competency of ultrasound professionals.

Please look for the new ARDMS logo as we begin incorporating it on ARDMS materials over the coming year.