ARDMS is pleased to announce the launch of the SKILLS App, a free mobile app designed for today’s sonographer to cultivate learning and assessment in ultrasound. Downloaded to a smartphone, users can challenge themselves in between patients, on an airplane, with a morning cup of coffee and just about everywhere in between.

ARDMS SKILLS engages users with 10-question quizzes in multiple ARDMS specialty areas. It offers explanations to help further understanding and users are encouraged to share and discuss with peers. In the current version, users will also find quizzes on self-care, ergonomics, and ARDMS compliance.  Log in credentials are not required so access is as easy as downloading and opening the app.

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Why is the SKILLS App being introduced on the Recertification page?
As a learning and assessment hub, a future version of the SKILLS App will eventually house the recertification piece of maintaining ARDMS credentials. This piece – the quizzes – will reflect current-day content approved by subject matter experts (SMEs) and will be available to all active Registrants. As such, ARDMS will be able to ensure active Registrants are maintaining knowledge of and proficiency in their specialties.

The SKILLS App as a required piece of Maintenance of Certification (MOC) is not expected until 2023. However, it is being launched now so that ARDMS Registrants may provide input to help shape future versions of the app and the MOC requirements tied to it.

How can I help develop content for the ARDMS SKILLS App?
For those interested in writing ARDMS specialty-specific questions for the SKILLS App or who wish to suggest relevant quiz topics, please email

CMEs are already required; why is recertification even necessary?
To offer Registrants greater freedom in meeting the CME requirements, restrictions have never been placed on what could be submitted other than they had to be completed through an ARDMS-approved sponsor. Earners have been free to include CMEs earned through a variety of outlets and they could cover a wide range of topics, including topics unrelated to their specialties.
The recertification piece is required to ensure that current-day knowledge and proficiencies are being maintained in actively-held specialty areas. CMEs document ongoing professional learning, but the SKILLS App will add an assessment piece tailored to each individual specialty.

Why does ARDMS need to ensure Registrants are maintaining current-day knowledge and proficiency in their specialty areas?
ARDMS credentials are widely recognized and respected. A key component of this recognition is the accreditation of the credentials themselves – ANAB to the ANSI-ISO 17024 standard. ANAB is a globally recognized accreditation leader and government officials increasingly “rely on [its] accreditation to demonstrate value and assure competency for important public priorities.” Its reputation is linked to quality and the standards needed to maintain that quality. Recertification is an important piece of MOC and satisfies ANAB requirements that allow ARDMS credentials to maintain ANAB’s quality accreditation

Historical Information

The ARDMS recertification program continues to remain paused as of January 2020. Behind the scenes volunteers from the sonography community and staff are carefully considering all aspects of the program to benefit ARDMS Registrants. We are aware that Registrants are eager for a definitive update about recertification. We can confirm that the recertification program will not include retaking the initial credentialing examination. The sonographer volunteer leaders of the Recertification Task Force and the ARDMS governance Council are working diligently to evaluate new and innovative recertification program ideas that:

  • Reinforce the high professional standards associated with ARDMS Registrants,
  • Strengthen the sonography profession,
  • Reconfirm current-day knowledge,
  • Sustain the value of the credentials; and
  • Uphold the shared commitment to quality care and patient safety.

The initial discussions and planning for the recertification program began in 2002. Since that time, the program has gone through several iterations and garnered extensive feedback from the sonographer and physician communities. The volunteer peer-leaders of ARDMS and APCA have determined that the current recertification program design, and even the term “recertification,” does not adequately meet the needs and expectations of our Registrants and Certificants and therefore the program has been put on hold until further notice. We are committed to taking the time to further study best practices and develop a program that re-validates current-day knowledge and proficiencies and that sustains the value of the certifications and our shared commitment to quality care.