Practice Test Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the Practice Test show me which questions I answered incorrectly?
No, once you have completed the Practice Test, you will receive a numeric score that indicates the
number of questions answered correctly.

Is the Practice Test scored?
A score report will appear at the end of the test each time you take it. The number of correct answers
for each test, the section is calculated in the score report.

Are there different versions of the Practice Tests?
The Practice Test for each specialty has one version of the same 30 questions. In other words, if you
retake the Practice Test, you will see the same questions with the exception of the SPI and AB
practice tests which have two versions designated as “A” and “B”.

How many questions are on the Practice Test?
Each practice test is 30 questions in length.

How long is the Practice Test?
Each practice test is 30 minutes in length. The 30 minutes will begin when the first question appears
on the screen.

What system requirements are needed for the Practice Test?
Desktop or IPAD and the current version of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer Version 9 or

I cannot start the test. What should I do?

It is taking a very long time to load the next question. What should I do?
This may be an indication that the connection to the Internet has been lost. Refresh the browser. You
may need to log back into MY ARDMS and relaunch the exam.

I received an error message stating I have exceeded the maximum time allowed for a question. What
should I do?
The test is timed and will end after the time allotted has expired. If the browser is closed, the timer
may stop for a period of time depending on the test configuration. Contact if you believe you did not receive the full time allotted for the exam.