Paperless Application

ARDMS now offers a Paperless Application Program to all students that apply under the Prerequisite 2 pathway.

This program benefits both students and educators (specifically CAAHEP or CMA Program Directors):

     • Students whose Program Directors use the program may now apply and take their ARDMS examination up to
       60 days prior to graduation.
     • Program Directors can submit students’ verification documentation electronically, rather than by mail.
     • Program Directors have on-demand access to ARDMS School Reports for students who use the program
        (learn more about automated school reports​).

Please note that the Paperless Application Program is only available for the ARDMS on-demand exams that are available year round (Abdomen (AB), Adult Echocardiography (AE), Breast (BR), Obstetrics & Gynecology (OB), Sonography Principles and Instrumentation (SPI), and Vascular Technology (VT)).

If you are a Program Director, you can access the Paperless Application Program in four easy steps through your MY ARDMS/MY APCA account:

  1. Log onto your MY ARDMS/MY APCA account.
  2. Choose the “Paperless Application Program” option under the Educators Corner tab.
  3. Click “Submit New Form."
  4. Fill in the requested information and submit the application. Your students will receive an email from ARDMS letting them know that they are eligible to apply for their examination.
    * Please remind your students not to submit an application prior to receiving the eligibility email, or they may be asked to re-apply.

At the completion of your program, please update students’ graduation status. ARDMS will then notify all students that have passed the required ARDMS exams that they will be receiving their credentials. To view a visual guide of the program click here​.

For more information on ARDMS credential requirements, please visit Examinations and Certifications.
If you are not an ARDMS Registrant, please register for an ARDMS account to access the Paperless Application Program.

You can register at MY ARDMS Registration and find more information about ARDMS accounts at MY ARDMS FAQ.
At this time, only verified Program Directors will have access to the Educator Tab on MY ARDMS/MY APCA​.