Neurosonology Registrant

​​To adapt to the evolving field of sonography, the ARDMS Board of Directors has approved the development of a Pediatric Sonography (PS) certification. Read the full announcement.​

Since the Neurosonology (NE) examination content is a critical part of the new PS certification examination, ARDMS will begin phasing out the NE specialty examination prior to the launch of the first PS examination administration. Beginning 2015, the NE specialty examination will no longer be available. ARDMS is no longer accepting applications for the NE examination.

This changing specialty as well as input from a cross section of medical professionals guided the decision to incorporate select areas of the NE examination content into this new and comprehensive PS certification. Read more about the new PS specialty. If you currently certified in NE specialty, ARDMS will continue to support the NE specialty certification until your 10-year recertification cycle is completed.

ARDMS has developed key responses to some of the questions that you may have. Please find the responses below.

For additional questions or concerns, please call Registrant Services at 800-541-9754, Monday through Friday during normal business hours​ or email

 Why was the decision made to discontinue the NE specialty examination?

•    Based on a decreasing number of individuals seeking an NE certification over the past several
      years, ARDMS initiated a needs analysis study two years ago among medical professionals,
      including AB, NE and PE Registrants to best determine the need and opportunity to develop a new
      credentialing examination focused on general Pediatric Sonography.
•    More than 60% of those responding to the survey agree with the need for the Pediatric Sonography
      (PS) specialty certification.
•    Earlier this year, the ARDMS Board of Directors voted to develop the Sonography global

      professional’s first Pediatric Sonography specialty examination.
•    Components of the current NE examination content will be incorporate into the new Pediatric
      Sonography (PS) exam.
•    ALL ARDMS Registrants with a NE specialty certification will be able to utilize their credential until
      your 10-year recertification cycle is completed.

 What if I do not want to pursue the PS certification?

•    Please note that no immediate decision needs to be made since you can utilize your NE Specialty

      until your 10-year recertification cycle is completed.

 How do I apply for the PS examination?

•    Applications for the Pediatric Sonography examination are available during select periods of the
      year. Visit the Pediatric Sonography page to learn more!
•    As an NE Registrant passing the PS examination (prior) to 2017, you will be recognized as a
      “Pediatric Sonography Pioneer.”
•    If you pass the PS examination before the end of your 10-year NE certification period, the PS
      certification will replace your NE certification at that time. You can not hold both certifications