Midwife Postponement Announcement

​​​​Thank you for your interest in the ARDMS Midwife Sonography Assessment program.

The ARDMS midwife sonography assessment program originally scheduled for Spring 2016 has been postponed until Spring 2017. Because of the low number of applications, we cannot build a fair and defensible examination for the midwife community. The decision to postpone will allow us to determine the reasons why we had such a low number of applications. 

A Midwife Task Force, has been formed to look at examination eligibility requirements and all other aspects of the assessment that may be barriers for midwives to achieve a sonography certification. A second administration of the ARDMS midwife sonography assessment program is also set for Fall 2017.

IMPORTANT ELIGIBILITY & PREREQUISITES INFORMATION: The eligibility requirements and prerequisites for the midwife examination are not available as the taskforce (noted above) is still working to finalize them.   Once eligibility requirements and prerequisites are set, ARDMS will notify the midwife community and post the information here.  Please click the "Sign-up for Updates" button on the right to be added to the email update list. Also, please bookmark this page and check back periodically for updates.   ​

The postponement of the program until Spring 2017 is needed so that we may have the additional time to build the highest quality sonography certification for the midwife community. To get ready for the Spring and Fall 2017 ARDMS Midwife Sonography Assessments you should:

              • Visit www.ARDMS.org/MW and sign-up to receive the latest updates from ARDMS about the Midwife
                Sonography Certification. New information about eligibility and other aspects of the examination and
                certification will be shared as they are finalized.​

              • Visit www.midwife.org for information and resources ACNM has available to help you prepare for the
                 examination, including updates about workshops, exam simulations and other materials.

              • Watch for updates about the ARDMS Midwife Sonography Assessment program and corresponding
                  education resources in Quickening and QuickE News.

              • Sign-up for the Pegasus education programs, developed to help midwife practitioners determine their
                level of expertise in ultrasound and to prepare canddiates for the ARDMS Midwife Sonography (MW)
                certificate exam.

              • Be sure to have an ongoing study plan to ensure you are ready to take the Spring 2017 Midwife
                 Sonography Certification examination.

If you have questions or would like additional information about the ARDMS midwife sonography assessment program, please call 800-541-9754 extension 1 to speak with an ARDMS customer care representative. For information about education resources, please call ACNM to speak with Eileen Beard at 1-240-485-1842. ACNM also has resources available in the ACNM Bookstore that you can access via www.midwife.org.  For more information regarding the ARDMS Midwife Sonography Assessment program​ read the full announcement letter sent to ACNM members. ​

Click here to view the 2014 MW JTA results​. ​