Sonography Career Reviews

Here is what practicing sonographers have to say about this exciting and evolving career:

“This is a career that tests your expertise daily and changes from moment to moment. Sonographers are in such high demand — in that this career is very mobile, in that you can take your skills to any location and find employment. It also affords you the opportunity to grow within the field, by acquiring certification in multiple specialties, so that you can broaden or focus your expertise, as desired.”

“Ultrasound is a wonderful career choice. It is not a good choice if you are just looking for a ‘job’. It requires a great deal of commitment as your abilities directly impact patient care.”

“A successful sonographer is someone who has an independent personality, who is bright, has strength of character and a strong ethical background. It is also important to have a spontaneous personality and enjoy working with and dealing with people.”

“In my opinion, ARDMS is the gold standard for national and international excellence in credentialing. Its history, growth, and delivery of excellent examinations assure patients and employers alike that the individual who hold this credential has demonstrated competence in their specialty area.”

“Ultrasound is a wonderful, gratifying, and exciting field.”

“I enjoy what I do because I get the chance to talk to diverse people. I get to help them, and share in their positive and negative experiences. The ultrasound field is a community. Some feel that the good results are the most rewarding, such as sharing a moment with an expectant mom; however, when I find a large complication and can then help the patient and be there for them, beginning to end: that is the most rewarding for me.”

“The field of ultrasound is relatively young, in that is still evolving, and as someone working in the field, you can play a role in where the profession goes.”

“An ultrasound professional must be compassionate, flexible and detail-oriented! We are making life-altering decisions that impact patient management, so we must be prepared both academically and emotionally to provide careful and thoughtful care. Professionally, a sonographer needs to have the academic background and clinical expertise to function in a fast-paced and caring environment, unlike any other medical profession.”

“I teach, I’m taught, I do, I adapt, I think & I’m physically active, you can’t say that about many jobs!”