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Leading Your Institution, Your Colleagues, and Yourself Through Stressful Times Webinar With Dr. Wu 

Learn how to lead yourself and surrounding community through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaker: Albert W. Wu, MD, MPH
Professor of Health Policy & Management and Medicine,
Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health

If you missed the live webinar, please check out the recording below to learn more helpful strategies for how practitioners can help themselves and their colleagues manage mental health during this challenging time. 

This activity is provided by the Inteleos family of certification alliances including American Diagnostic Medical Sonography®(ARDMS®), Alliance for Physician Certification & Advancement™ (APCA™) and the Point-of-Care Ultrasound Certification Academy (PCA)™.

Webinar Description: 

In the webinar “Leading Your Institution, Your Colleagues and Yourself Through Stressful Times,” Dr. Albert Wu of Johns Hopkins Medicine describes the harmful impact of COVID-19 on the psychological well-being of healthcare workers, including short-term feelings of fear, anxiety and frustration to long-term risks of burnout and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). These stresses on our healthcare providers can lead to detrimental patient care, emphasizing the important need for institutions to provide an integrated continuum of staff support programs. For example, at Johns Hopkins Medicine, Dr. Wu mentions several support programs that exist including the Office of Well Being, Healthy at Hopkins, and RISE (Resilience in Stressful Events).

Dr. Wu goes on to stress what individuals should do during this health crisis to promote good mental health, including taking care of basic needs such as sleep, healthy eating, hydration, exercise and taking a break to recharge, and also reaching out to colleagues to stay connected.