Sonography Program Spotlight

Alvin Community College DCVS

Formed in 1996, Alvin Community College DCVS was the first Cardiovascular Sonography and Pediatric Echocardiography accredited programs established in the state of Texas. Offering six concentrations, ACC DCVS first became accredited in 2002 and have since completed re-accreditation in 2008, 2013 and 2018. In addition to their studies, ACC DCVS students log over 1200 clinical hours in cardiac and vascular scanning in and around the Houston community.

ARDMS: What sets your program apart from other programs in your community?

ACC DCVS: Our program was the first Cardiovascular sonography program which was formed in the State of Texas in the year 1996. The program first became accredited in 2002. We were also the first accredited program in the State of Texas for pediatric echocardiography. Our program supports the great city of Houston, which is home to some of the best leading and advanced hospitals of the world. The program at Alvin Community College has six concentrations: AAS degrees and Advanced Technical Certificates in adult echocardiography, pediatric echocardiography, vascular sonography.

ARDMS: What is one defining moment or story that best represents what your program means to you and your community?

ACC DCVS: Part of our program format is that the student earns Service Learning Points (SLP) as part of the community service. Our students take extra time away from their studies and personal life to address the needs of the community in and around Houston. We also offer free cardiac and vascular scans weekly to the community. We have identified many interesting pathologies by offering these free scans. Because of this service, we have gained trust within our community towards helping those who are in need. It is always nice to see our “regulars” show up at the health fair or in our weekly scanning lab time to encourage the students. Also, the students like to hear the feedback from the patients for their learning experience.

ARDMS: How does your program prepare students for a post-graduation career?

ACC DCVS: Our students log at least twelve hundred (1200) clinical hours in scanning during their two year educational period. The staff also schedules mock interviews instruction to help the students prepare for their upcoming interview process. Finally, each instructor offers free board reviews/testing time/study time to help the student feel comfortable and confident for their registry review.

ARDMS: How does your program adapt to and prepare for innovation in the Sonography field?

ACC DCVS: We are very fortunate to have support from our board and administration at Alvin Community College. Sonography is an ever-changing field with continuous technological advancements. The college board and administration recognize the need for our students to obtain the current knowledge and skills to meet industry needs. Therefore, they are supportive with providing funding for updated equipment and new technology.

ARDMS: What will your program look like in 5-10 years?

ACC DCVS: In five to ten years our school program will still be here to support the community. We will still be reaching out to our community. Our equipment will be improving along-side the advances that are seen in the health care arena. We hope to have education and support for the Advanced Cardiac sonographer. The Alvin Community College DCVS program will also continue to host our annual Cardiovascular Symposium for the educational support of our alumni.

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